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Galapagos is the nature lover's paradise. Sea birds, sea lions, iguanas, finches, none fear man, and for a short time the tourist can live in harmony and peace with this wonderous environment. The Galapagos Islands are located on the equator about 870 km (600 miles) west of mainland Ecuador. The Galapagos archipelgao is made up of 13 main islands, six smaller islands, tiny islets, and named and unnamed rocks. They are of volcanic origin and cover a land area of 8,000 (3,090 sq. miles). The main islands are: Fernandina, Isabela, Santiago, Santa Cruz, Floreana, Española, San Cristobal, Genovesa. Santa Fe, Marchena, Pinta, Rabida & Pinzon. Galapagos boast some of the most unusual and rare fauna in the world, with many that are endemic to Galapagos and found nowhere else in the world. Enedemic fauna include: Giant tortoise, Lava lizard, Land Iguana, Marine Iguana, Galapagos fur seal, Galapagos penguin, Waved albatross, Flightless cormorant, Swallow-tailed gull, Lava gull, Lava heron, Galapagos hawk, Galapagos rail, Galapagos flycatcher, Galapagos martin, Galapagos dove,Charles mockingbird, Cactus ground finch and Vegetarian finch.