Bialowieza Forest


On the Polish side, part of the Białowieża Forest is protected as the Białowieża National Park, with general area of about 105 km2 (41 sq mi). There is also the Białowieża Glade (Polana Białowieska), with a complex of buildings once owned by the tsars of Russia during the Partitions of Poland. At present, a hotel and restaurant with a parking lot is located there. Guided tours into the strictly controlled areas of the park can be arranged on foot, bike or by horse-drawn carriage. Approximately 120,000 - 150,000 tourists visit the Polish part of the forest annually. Among the group-offers are the bird watching with local ornithologist,watching bison in their natural environment, and sledge and carriage rides with a bonfire. Nature expert guides you can find at Nature Tours "Pygmy Owl" Arek Szymura The popular village of Białowieża lies within the forest. Białowieża means the White Tower in Old Polish.